Coaching for a thriving life on Earth

Jens in the forest

I offer coaching in Sweden and internationally for anyone who wants a present, authentic and thriving life, connected to their own needs as well as the planet's. So far I've coached people in Swedish, English and German (and once in Spanish. ;-) ).

When facing big challenges, there is also the promise of hope, potential newfound powers and personal growth, both on a private level (as I've experienced as a father of a child with autism) and collectively. But we need support to get there. Someone who listens and supports us to see clearly what we need and want, who can challenge our limiting mindsets and dare us to make small or bold changes in our thinking and in our lives. And to celebrate our growth with us!

I specialise in three areas:

  • Zen coaching, a set of values and tools emphasising presence and acceptance, exploring inner spaces and just being you in the current moment. By just being you can relax into clarity, strength and action! This is life coaching aimed at leading an unfolding, present and authentic life.
  • Climate coaching, for people who (like me) are aware of our collective challenge to save our climate and future on the planet, and are determined to act and be the change necessary for this.
  • Autism parenthood coaching, powered by decades of personal experience and a heart that beats strongly for kids with autism and their parents. It is possible (even with the challenges that come with autism) to live a dynamic, playful and thriving life together and to encourage social interaction and growth in loving and playful ways.

I coach mostly online through video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams or Skype.
Contact me via e-mail or phone +46 (0)708 533770 so we can start a conversation about your needs and how I can support you!

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