Jens Malmström - councelling for autism parents, climate and zen coaching

When life gets complicated and overwhelming, you can still find the power, calm or truth and most answers and solutions you need within yourself.

Zen Coaching supports you to listen and be aware of what goes on within, to accept or not accept it (or to accept the non-acceptance rather) and to see your true needs and longings. When in this state of deep connection with yourself, you're in the right "mode" to make wise and grounded decisions. I offer Zen Coaching sessions and workshops (via Skype/Google Hangout or off-keyboard in Stockholm, Sweden). Briefly about me: My background is within IT and social work (as an outreach social worker and manager for an online support forum for boys). I've taken a special interest in gender issues (focusing on men, boys and masculinities) and as a father of an autistic child parenting and relating to the "normal" has also been an important theme in my life. I first came in contact with Zen Coaching in 2011, and did my certification training in 2013. Zen Coaching has had such a great impact in my life and I would love to pass it on and to support you in your exploration. There is a lot more information in Swedish available on this site, but if you need more in English please contact me via e-mail hej [at ] To know more about Zen Coaching in general, check out <a href=""></a>.</p>